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    Our Tech Team’s mission is to develop the best tools to enable you to take full advantage of contactless technologies and create the best apps interactions for your users.

    This is your place to access resources and documentation about our technologies, our SDK and to test the fabulous potential of beacons.

    Stay tuned for dev news, webinars and other info on the crazy world of beacons!


Based on a low energy standard communication protocol called Bluetooth 4.0. This protocol allows any compatible smartphone, equipped with an application that has integrated our MOBILE SDK, to detect the signal of a nearby Bluetooth beacon.


QR (for “Quick Response”) means that the content of the code is instantaneously deciphered when flashed by a mobile phone/smartphone equipped with a camera or a dedicated reader application.


By tapping their smartphone on an NFC tag, users can access a contextualized web page or dedicated application in “pull” mode.

Tech news

sdk tutorial

This repo contains the sample projects to learn how to use the Connecthings MOBILE SDK.

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notify wagon

This project was developed live by Connecthings Dev Team during the Alstom Hackathon.

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beacon boiler plate

The Beacon Boiler Plate is a ready-to-use project for Connecthings’ SDK on iOs and Android.

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more projects

Have a look at Connecthings' Github and stay tuned for our future projects.

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