2.5 version of Connecthings MOBILE SDK is now available - Update of the SDK documentation

The Connecthings Dev Team is proud to announce the launch of the 2.5 version of our Mobile SDK.

Some of the exciting new features now available to developers include:

  • Automatic Notification
  • Multiple uuids range
  • Disable notifications
  • Automation of the analytics

Step by step tutorials and code sources are available in Connecthings SDK Github for Android / iOS (Swift / Objective-C).

A closer look at two main new features:

Automatic Notification

The "Automatic Notification" feature has been developed to make things easier for developers!

To get notifications in association with beacons, now developers just have to initialize the SDK!

To note: developers can also disable all the notifications and still can personalize the notifications generated by the SDK.

Discover the automatic notification

Multiple UUID

An application can now detect beacons over more than one beacon's UUID, offering more flexibility.

Description of all the new features and MOBILE SDK documentation are available at dev.connecthings.com.

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