2.7 version of Connecthings MOBILE SDK is now available - Update of the SDK documentation

The Connecthings Dev Team is proud to announce the launch of the 2.7 version of our Mobile SDK.

Some of the exciting new features now available to developers include:

  • The SDK is fully configurable from the Adtag Platform.
  • Images can be associated to beacon notifications and alerts
  • The content of notifications or alerts can be read for blind people and dedicated text-To-Speech fields have been added to the Adtag platform.

Step by step tutorials and code sources are available in Connecthings SDK Github for Android / iOS (Swift / Objective-C).

A closer look at the two main features:

Configuration from Adtag

Notification Activation, Notification Strategies, Welcome Notifications... are now directly configurable from the Adtag Platform.

Discover our new Application Management section on the Adtag Platform.

Images associated to notification and alerts

You can now associate in the Adtag platform images to notifications and alerts.

In the notifications case, the SDK automatically downloads (if necessary resizes) the images and generate local notifications included the images.

In the alerts case, developpers must code the image download. This can be achieven using the alertImage field of the beaconContent.

Learn more reading the updating content in the Adtag Platform tutorial and the working with the Adtag data model tutorial

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