How to activate the Physical Web on Android

When the Physical web launched in 2015, using the Google Chrome browser was the best solution to receive **[Physical Web notifications](physical-web-in-a-nutshell.html.

Last summer, Google announced the launch of Nearby Notifications, another way to generate beacon notifications without needing to integrate an SDK in an application.

On this occasion, Google released a new application, Google Nearby, as part of the Google Services package.

This package is now natively installed on all Android devices 4.4 and above, which represents 86% of the market in January 2017.

This application unifies the Physical Web and the Nearby Notification experiences, with both types of notifications being identical for end users.

How to receive Physical Web notifications with the Nearby app

  1. Navigate to your phone Settings > Google. Check that Nearby appears in the list of Google services, to make sure that Nearby has been installed

  1. Check that your landing page URL complies with Physical Web requirement, using the Physical Web URL validator. In particular, your URL must be in https format
  2. Configure this URL in a Physical Web-compatible beacon.
  3. Make sure the beacon is emitting
  4. Pull down the notification panel of your Android device
  5. You should receive a notification asking you to grant permission to receive Nearby notifications: says Yes!

  • If you don't get this notification:
    • Check that your Bluetooth and location are activated on your phone
    • Turn off your screen, wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on
  • If you still don’t get the notification:
    • Go to Parameters>Google>Nearby
    • Grant permission

  1. Once you have granted permission, pull down your notification panel again: a new notification will appear, with the URL of your landing page

For further information

<!— 1- Install the last version of the Chrome browser

2- Enter chrome://flags/#enable-physical-web on the url bar

3- Change the value from default to enabled

4- Restart the chrome browser

5- Click on the settings menu

6- Click on the privacy item

7- At the bottom of the privacy page, you could see the state of the physical web on your browser

8- if Physical Web is off, click on to activate.

9- Check that the bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

10- Get a beacon emitting an EddyStone-URL

11- Discover the physical web objects around you from your phone notifications.


On Chrome Android, only EddyStone-URL in https will be detected. -->

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