New - 2.4 version of Connecthings MOBILE SDK is now available - Update of the SDK documentation

The Connecthings Dev Team is proud to announce the new 2.4.x version of our Mobile SDK. This is a major milestone for our integrated Internet of Things platform.

Here are the major exciting new features now ready for developers:

  • Welcome notifications
  • Alert strategies
  • Beacon detection and the notifications interactions when application is killed for Android
  • Customized bluetooth activation management for Android
  • Background Beacon Scanning Manager to have control over the beacon scanning period for Android - Support for CocoaPod dependencies for SWIFT Frameworks
  • iOS Library upgrades: Migration of all the Framework to the Embedded Framework. iOS 8 is now the minimum OS version of iOS SDK supported
  • Step by step tutorials and code sources are available in Connecthings SDK Github for Android / iOS (Swift / Objective-C)

Now let's take a deeper dive at two main new features:

Welcome notification

Welcome notifications are the first displayed notifications when the first beacon is detected by the application. They can be displayed even if the end-user has no internet access.

Developers have the ability to:

  • Add a minimum display interval for each notification
  • Choose to combine welcome notification with the default notification or to just bypass the default notifications by displaying the welcome notification only NB: Welcome Notifications are configured for the whole app, and not at beacon level.

Discovering the welcome notification

Alert process when the application is in the foreground

Improved and redesigned the "alert process architecture". Developers now have two types of Alert Strategies:

  • Default Alert Strategies: 3 built-in, plug & play proximity strategies are linked: Inferior, Superior and Equal. These are linked to the nearby beacon range: Near, Far and Immediate
  • Custom Alert Strategies: it allows developers to define their own rules to manage alert life cycle, in terms of action range, timing...

Discovering the alert process Discovering the beacon scanning period manager

Description of all the new features and MOBILE SDK documentation are available at

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