What is a beacon and what to do with it

A beacon is small device that emits frames using a Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. A beacon can emit frames in various formats. Nowadays, the most popular protocol is iBeacon (Apple technology). However, there are several other protocols on the market, such as Eddystone, which is an open-source…

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The iBeacon Detection process, iOs and Android

What is a beacon region? A central notion when working with beacons is the beacon region A beacon region is a filter that allows developers to filter beacons based on: -their UUID -their UUID, Major -or their UUID, Major, Minor For example, if an application works with beacon regions by filtering on…

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Essentials about iBeacon and Eddystone

iBeacon and Eddystone are the main protocols for beacons. Each one defines the format of the frames that beacons emit. the iBeacon frame iBeacon is a proprietary protocol developed by Apple. Format The iBeacon frame contains 3 IDs: a UUID: a beacon’s main ID. All of your beacons will have the same…

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The Physical Web in a nutshell

The Physical Web is Google’s new way of interacting with connected objects. A "Physical Web" object emits a URL that triggers an interaction through a Physical Web application. The Physical Web is the new QR Code, with two major benefits: Physical Web URLs are smartly pushed to a user’s device: no…

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The Google Nearby App

Nearby is a recent application developed by Google, which unifies the Nearby Notification and Physical Web experiences, both types of notifications being identical for end users. As such, the Nearby app now replaces Google Chrome as the preferred solution to detect Physical Web URLs on Android…

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Nearby Notifications vs the Physical Web

In the same year, Google launched two technologies that seem very similar: Nearby notifications the Physical web Both technologies allow to generate beacon notifications on mobile phones, without needing to integrate an SDK in an application. Both notifications consist of a title, an icon, and a…

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