2.8 version of Connecthings MOBILE SDK is now available - Update of the SDK documentation

The Connecthings Dev Team is proud to announce the launch of the 2.8 version of our Mobile SDK. The main feature is the support of the NFC Tag Reading on iOs device. We are really excited to see the usage you will do of the NFC technology. Step by step tutorials and code sources are available in the…

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How to use the new CoreNFC API (iOs 11)

As you may have already seen, Apple’s WWDC 2017 brought its share of surprises, one of them being the new Core NFC API (for more information, we invite you to read our latest article here). This short tutorial will take you through how to develop an iOS application that is able to read NFC tags…

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Apple opens up NFC API on iOs 11!

Apple’s WWDC 2017 started last Monday, with the announcement of many exciting news and new features. One in particular caught our attention: the release of the new Core NFC API on iOS 11! Until now, iPhones 5S and above had integrated the technology, but only Apple Pay was able to use it. Now, any…

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Nearby Notifications vs the Physical Web

In the same year, Google launched two technologies that seem very similar: Nearby notifications the Physical web Both technologies allow to generate beacon notifications on mobile phones, without needing to integrate an SDK in an application. Both notifications consist of a title, an icon, and a…

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The Google Nearby App

Nearby is a recent application developed by Google, which unifies the Nearby Notification and Physical Web experiences, both types of notifications being identical for end users. As such, the Nearby app now replaces Google Chrome as the preferred solution to detect Physical Web URLs on Android…

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